The best way to brew at home.

It is important to know that our coffee comes to your home freshly roasted, and that your home brewing techniques can make iheart coffee at its optimum level. Understanding ratios, grind, and extraction method are very important.

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Aeropress and Hand Grinder

This is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your coffee. Hand grind your whole bean coffee.

Start by heating water in a hot water kettle before the boiling point. Then wet the filter and invert your Aeropress.

Grind 18 grams of coffee about the size of salt and then dump the coffee into your Aeropress.

Pour your water on the ground coffee gently around the number 3 on the aeropress and let the coffee bloom. This should be between 45-60 seconds depending on the amount of coffee extraction you prefer. Gently stir the coffee and then fill the water to the top of the aeropress. Allow for another 45 seconds and then flip the Aeropress over your coffee mug. Slowly push the Aeropress down for 15-20 seconds to allow the best results.


Chemex and v60 methods

For the best results on a chemx and v60:


Pre-wet the filter and have the kettle to about 94 C or 202 F, before the boiling point. Dump out the water and hand grind 20 grams of coffee. Pour the coffee into the filter and begin to pour slowly over the coffee. It is best to do 3 pour burst pours over the coffee. The goal is to allow the coffee to “bloom” after the first pour. The amount of total water should be 280 grams of water to 20 grams of coffee. The entire process should of pouring water should be 3 minutes. Any longer and the coffee will be over extracted.


Follow the same instructions, but start by putting 120 grams of ice in the cup. Instead of doing 3 bursts lower to only 2 bursts, and adjust to only 200 grams of hot water.

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